Smile Gallery

Dillon: Having braces was a lot easier than I thought. I am now more confident because I don't need to hide my teeth when I talk. I even smile more because I love having straight teeth and showing them off. Everyone at Dr Noorda's office is awesome! ** Dillon's Mom: Dillon was born with a severe underbite, which we were intitially told could only be corrected by surgery. We first visited Dr. Noorda when Dillon was around 11 and after examining him Dr. Noorda told us, "Yeah, I think I can fix this." Six years and two phases of care later we are all amazed at Dillon's beautiful smile. We didn't think it could be done, but Dr. Noorda knew better. Dillon now has a smile that he is very proud to share, and we are, as I said, amazed! Thank you, Dr. Noorda!

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